Emoji Ouija Board

$25.00 $120.00

   Have you texted your DEAD FRIENDS today?  

     Now you can with Emoji Ouija!  It's the newest form of supernatural technology!!

      A cryptic wooden board detailed with unique designs, oiled, smoothed, and finished by hand.  
This collectors item is engraved into red oak.  Each set comes complete with a handmade protective fabric case and uniquely engraved wooden planchette.  Be the first to receive a full Emoji Ouija set including a laser-etched wooden board, planchette and storage case.
Designed by Serana Rose
(for novelty purposes only)

Emoji Ouija Board **Deluxe Set**
     12 by 18.5 inch wooden board
     etched, finished, numbered, and signed by the artist herself
     full sized board with detailed demonic designs for family funeral fun!
     includes  planchette, protective fabric case with phone and planchette pockets

Emoji Ouija Board  **Mini Set**
      A travel sized board for all you demons on the go!
      7 by 11.25 inch wooden board
      includes planchette and protective case

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